How pre-orders work

Each round gives you more or less 20 days to order in the pre-order section of the store, depending on the dates of the current pre-order.


How does it work?

Each month, a pre-determined period called "pre-order" is available to select your fabrics. A variety of patterns are then offered. You can therefore choose the pattern you like and choose in which fiber you want it. There is no quantity limit.

Once the pre-order period is over, all orders received go in batch to our supplier so that the fabrics can be made.

When the supplier sends me the fabrics, I prepare your orders and ship them to you via Purolator within 24-48 hours.

It takes approximately 10 weeks from the end date of pre-orders before you receive your fabrics.

For those who have selected home pickup, you will be invited to contact me to make an appointment to pick up your order.


  • The order processing is a long process, we wait until the end of the pre-order to send all the files to the supplier, who then prints on the fabric and sends us everything by air, it can take up to 10 weeks.
  • No refund possible if a problem occurs during the order deadlines, or if the supplier encounters a problem and the order processing time is longer than expected, no cancellation or refund possible.
  • A margin of 5 cm and less is accepted. Any defect spotted on the fabric (hole, ink stain .. over 5 cm) must be mentioned in a private message on the Facebook page or by email. A reimbursement proportional to the default will be made to you, without notice.
  • Colours may vary from print to print.
  • If any of the fabrics are missing, they will be refunded to you, without notice.
  • A 50% scale margin will be accepted and delivered as is, without notice.